The Pro-Dip team wanted to take the Civic Type R in a different direction to the S2000 and give it a 'Track Car' look. First job was to change the colour of the wheels. Thunder Cloud Grey Plasti-Dip was applied to the wheels and a Mugen Rear wing fitted to add to the look.

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After: Thundercloud Grey Plasti-Dip applied to wheels

20130519_093659 DSCN0510

Before: The Civic Type R as supplied by Honda

Colour Change: Matte Red

Having sucessfully dipped wheels and trim parts, the time came for the Pro-Dip team to experiment Plasti-Dipping an entire car to see how easy it was to peel back to the orignal colour.


The team decided to dip the Civic Type R a Matte Red as it offered a stark contrast to the orignal black. Severn layers of Matte Red were applied which gave great results.

DSCN0545 IMG_1722 DSCN0561

The Big Peel

Having been applied to the car for 8 months, the Pro-Dip team wanted to try a Satin Plasti-Dip mix and use Pigments to enchance the overall finish, so it was time to peel the matte red dip. Below is a video of a team member peeling the dip to show you just how easy a process this is, as long as you apply between 7 to 10 layers of dip.

Colour Change Number 2: Midnight Sky Blue in Satin Finish

The Pro-Dip team felt that this colour would really suit the Type R. Five layers of a base blue were applied to the car to act as a primer and then a further five layers of the Midnight Sky Blue pigment were added. This has given the car a stunning look that the team are really proud of! Click on any of the images below to enlarge them.

IMG_2238 IMG_2241

Step One: Mask the keep out areas.

IMG_2249 IMG_2246

Step Two: Apply base coat (in this case 5 x layers of base blue)

IMG_2254 IMG_2251

Step Three: Apply pigment coat (in this case 5 x layers of Midnight Sky Blue Satin Mix)

IMG_2257 IMG_2266

Step Four: De-Mask, Stand Back and Admire the view!


Colour Change Number 3: Orange Candy Pearl?

With the Type - R being blue for almost a year now, the Pro-Dip team are feeling a change in order. Whilst the Midnight Sky Blue is an awesome colour, the team want a colour that will not be missed and think we have settled on a colour that both pleases the eye and will no doubt catch people's attention. Orange Candy Pearl! The plan is to spray the body in this colour and spray the wheels matte black.


In order for the colour to pop, the Type-R will first have to be sprayed matte white before the the finish coat that contains the Orange Candy Pearl pigment can be added.


Watch this space for the big peel!

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