Never heard of Plasti-Dip before? Don't worry the Pro-Dip team have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us via our 'contact' page.


What is Plasti-Dip?

Plasti-Dip is a rubberised protective coating that can be sprayed onto a wide range of materials including Metal, Wood and Glass.


Can Plasti-Dip Really be Peeled Off?

Yes, it really can because the team here at Pro-Dip use only genuine Plasti-Dip imported from the US and apply the material using a layering technique. Check out the video below and see just how easy it is to peel.


What is the Best Way to Peel Off Plasti-Dip?

The best method to get plasti dip off is to start at an edge, roll the plasti dip inwards and then start pulling it off. Check out our video showing just how easy this is to do by visiting our gallery page.


What is a “Dipped Car”?

A Dipped Car is any vehicle that has been sprayed with Plasti Dip Spray. Plasti Dip is a great product that allows you to spray your car into almost any color and then simply peel it off should you want to return the car to its original state. It also works great as a protective coat for wheels, badges, emblems and exterior/interior trim.


Can Plasti-Dip be Applied to PVC?

Yes it can, although some PVC manufacturers use different chemical compounds so the team at Pro-Dip would first need to test an inconspicuous area by rubbing acetone and applying Plasti-Dip to test for success.


Is Plasti-Dip Safe to Use on Children’s Toys, Animal Containment and/or on Kitchen Utensils?

Plasti-Dip does not contain any heavy metals, and when completely dry, is considered harmless. However, it is not recommended that it be used on items that may be chewed or inserted into the mouth, as it may present a choking hazard.


Will the Finish be Glossy?

Plasti-Dip when applied provides a matt finish. However a gloss effect can be achieved by applying a Plasti-Dip glossifier which is also sprayed on. Just like Plasti-Dip it protects and can be removed when wanted.


How Do I Need to Prepare the Surface Before Dipping?

It’s very important to make sure the surface your dipping is free of oil, grease, dust and dirt, before the Pro-Dip team apply the Plasti-Dip. Thoroughly clean the surface with warm water and dishsoap. Make sure the surface you washed is completely dry and the Pro-Team team will do the rest.


How Long Will Plasti-Dip Last?

Plasti-Dip is a very durable product, it will last anything between 3 to 5 years if washed and cared for correctly something that the Pro-Dip team will show you once we complete a job for you. After 3 years the Pro-Dip team recommend a new refresher coat can be easily applied.


Will Plasti Dip Work Exactly the Same on Every Car, Every Surface?

Although Plasti-Dip works and behaves exactly the same for most users, there are certainly specific circumstances in which the Plasti-Dip could not behave as expected. The age of the car, the condition of the clear coat, if you have already done a DIY paint job on the surface, etc. are all possible factors that could effect the way the Plasti Dip bonds, peels, or covers. Although most users will have a predictable and trouble free experience with dip. However in all cases the Pro-Dip team will run a small test spot on the surfaces we will be dipping to ensure success.


What Can Plasti-Dip be Applied to?

You can use it for garden furniture, vechile wheels, tools, game consoles (Xbox,ps3,etc), car parts such as roof, bonnet, side skirts, interior trim or the whole car. If you can spray it we will be able to dip it!


Will it Hold Up to the Elements (Sun, Rain, Snow, etc.)?

Plasti-Dipis extremely resistant to the elements, including sun fading, winter ice, cold, salt etc. A lot of customers actually dip their wheels and cars specifically to protect the original surfaces from the winter season.


Is Plasti-Dip Fuel Resistant?

Plasti-Dip is a solvent based rubber coating and does not hold up to fuel or anything that would perish rubber. Normally discolouration but at worst the rubber will start to peel. Many customers have had their vechiles dipped without any issue, care just has to be taken when filling up your tank.

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Photos of a bumper repair for a customer that required the old dip to be removed.